The bigger the exchange the better the view

Over the years, we have had the opportunity of being able to establish relationships with the operators of exchange platforms that have maintained large pools of liquidity over the span of several years

However, in this market, there is a way that things are done – especially when it comes to opening a trading pair on an exchange that has significant usage

There is a very thin line between the correct approach, and the incorrect approach

Most project leaders are not experienced when it comes to opening trading pairs on an exchange, and so they tend to make several easily avoidable mistakes

The thing about this market is: once an exchange has rejected you that is it, that bridge has been burned

With the line between the correct approach and the incorrect approach being so thin several project leaders fail to have their projects listed on platforms such as Binance or Bittrex

This is where our assistance becomes necessary

Crypto Exchange
Listing Service

Listing is a procedure that should take no longer than seven days, from start to finish. The issue that many project leaders face is this is not their area of expertise. Each exchange has a very specific flavour when it comes to the projects that they list, and the projects that they reject. Over the years – we have been able to build a familiarity with these differences


Like it or not, due to regulation and KYC/AML protocols – there is a criteria that you must adhere to if you wish for your token to be listed. We are able to bring your project into a position of full compliance


Simply put, if your token doesn't have more than 10,000 verifiable users, you can forget securing listing on a top tier exchange. This is an area in which we have extensive experience, and we can work to make your project more acceptable in this regard


A lack of response to the support tickets that project managers send into exchanges can derail projects, and cause backlash from investors. Through the years, our relationship with the various operators of these platforms has grown in strength and we take pride in not having to face these challenges

Exchange Tiers

Top Tier

Exchanges in this category have proven themselves over a number of years to be competent custodians of digital assets. These exchanges have maintained large pools of liquidity over the span of several years. In addition to this, they employ strict KYC/AML procedures, which is VERY beneficial – since this drastically reduces the risk of any legal backlash due to your activity on these

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Middle Tier

These exchanges can easily pass as top tier platforms. However, they fall into this Middle Tier due to issues relating specifically to reputation. Each of the platforms in this category have faced a markedly high level of controversy that has somewhat tarnished their brand. But, do not be mistaken – these are PR issues, not issues related to the competence of the

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Lower Tier

The management teams of the exchanges in this category are heavily competent, but – it just happens that, for one reason or another, traders are not flocking to these platforms in the way that they flock to the other trading venues. As such the issue at hand is the lack of what we call ‘free roaming liquidity.’ In the simplest terms, free

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Our Process

Each exchange has a very specific flavour when it comes to the projects that they list, and the projects that they reject. Bittrex has an appetite for a particular breed of project, whilst Binance has their own checklist as to what is acceptable to them.

We have built a familiarity with these differences.Therefore depending on your needs as a developer we understand full and well how to translate your intentions and project values into a proposal that is much more appetizing for the exchanges that we work with.

Repeal and Replace

In short, exchanges should be approaching you to list your currency not the other way around. The fact that you are the one who is making the initial approach means that you have already done something wrong. After assessing your proposal, we will trim the fat and remove all the elements that have hindered you and made your token unappealing to exchange operators


We are consistently engaged in working alongside currency developers to secure listings. With this being the case, at any given time – we are engaged in direct communication with the majority of the trading platforms which is what has afforded us the luxury of not having to face excessive waiting time, breaks or pauses in communication. This is what allows us to operate in a speedy, clean and time efficient way, to not only secure listing – but also the most favorable listing terms

Live trading

Voilà, listing has been achieved. At this point, our job is done – however, you must not leave it to your exchange operator to determine the opening price of your asset once it is listed. This can effect the long term trajectory of your project, so it is very important to maintain a strong and constant line of communication with your exchange operator. This direct line of communication will also make it far simpler when you are attempting to list your next asset


Top Tier

  • Bittrex
  • Binance
54 BTC

Middle Tier

  • HitBTC
  • KuCoin
  • OKEx
32 BTC

Lower Tier

  • Cryptopia
  • Livecoin
20 BTC
$ 29.99 Month
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That depends on the quality of your project and how much work we need to do. The more prepared you are, the better. Typically, review process included, listing is achieved within seven days.

Please do not send us any marketing materials. This has no bearing on whether or not you will be listed on any exchange, we do not need or want to see this.

Just fill out our contact form and list the name of your project along with the name of the project leader. State clearly which tier the exchange that you are targeting is in and we will be in touch.

Please send us one email only. We will be in touch within 24 hours. If you send multiple messages, we will ignore your request and refuse to work with you.

Just one. We do not encourage multiple listings, and we work faster when dealing with only one platform. So select your targeted exchange from our tiers list. If the exchange that you wish to be listed on is not on the list then we cannot help you.

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