Top Tier

Exchanges in this category have proven themselves over a number of years to be competent custodians of digital assets. These exchanges have maintained large pools of liquidity over the span of several years.

In addition to this, they employ strict KYC/AML procedures, which is VERY beneficial – since this drastically reduces the risk of any legal backlash due to your activity on these platforms.

These top tier exchanges have close ties and links with all relevant government agencies in the countries that they are based, and actively seek to self regulate in cases where no official set of compliance procedures have been specified.

As such they are more inclined to do right by their users, since they are under strict regulatory scrutiny.

In short, these are without a doubt the best of the best alternative currency exchanges.

With this being so – there is a lot that goes into securing listing and having a trading pair opened up on the following top tier crypto exchanges.

Crypto Currency Exchange Listing Service - Bittrex


In our experience, Bittrex is – by far, the most prestigious exchange in the market.

They are leaps and bounds ahead of the alternatives in terms of experience, put simply – they have lived through several tough, time taxing and challenging situations over a span of nearly 5 years, without causing any major losses to their users.

They have proven their level of competence over several years, and this is strengthened by their close ties with United States regulators.

Additionally and, more importantly, we have found that Bittrex has the simplest and most streamlined review process, when compared other platforms.

Yes, they are strict. Yes, excellence is a requirement – however, they are fair and straight forward. Simply put – if you do the right thing, you will be listed.

They do not place any unfair restrictions and/or requirements on project leaders – other than those necessary to ensure full compliance with United States law.

The Bittrex team is the most straight forward, trustworthy and transparent team out of all of the exchange operators – when it comes to their listing process.

Once a member of that team gives you their word, they stick by it. We have never faced any issues with Bittrex in this regard.

However, because of this level of excellence – all projects that seek to achieve listing on Bittrex must be similarly excellent. As such, many projects find it impossible to secure listing.

They find that when they send tickets into support, they do not receive a response for several weeks… Sometimes, several months.

We were fortunate enough to have been able to build a relationship with key members of the Bittrex team. A personal relationship that spans back to 2014 when Bittrex was a much smaller operation.

Because of this, our line of communication is more direct and expedient.

However, your project must be excellent.

If you feel that there are skeletons in your closet that you do not want to be uncovered, then do not bother getting in contact with us to secure a Bittrex listing – they will pick your project apart piece by piece and uncover all of the shady details that you may be hiding.

So if you are hiding something, do not get in contact with us – we cannot help you.

However, if you and your project is genuine through and through – we will take you through the process and shape your project to be fit and worthy for placement on Bittrex.

Crypto Currency Exchange Listing Service - Poloniex


Though Poloniex has had its place among the top 5 alternative currency exchanges for several years – our personal experience with this platform is interesting indeed.

The Poloniex team is famous for their secretive nature, something that is a hallmark of the crypto currency space in general – but something that is very hard to deal with when it comes to communication.

Over the years we have noticed that there is an insulated team of developers that work in conjunction with Poloniex.

Developers who are not known to the Poloniex team find it difficult to gain placement.

This is a direct contrast to nearly all of the other exchange platforms, who actively seek to build and establish brand new relationships with crypto currency developers.

Poloniex is very different in this regard.

Since their earliest days of existence, they have worked within a policy of isolationism.

Because of this, it is near impossible to ascertain what criteria they use when assessing projects for listing.

The Poloniex team has published vague guidelines concerning applications for placements on their exchange, however – even when these guidelines are followed, we have personally found that Poloniex still flat out refuses, and rejects applications despite the quality of the project being brought to the table.

Because of this, we advise all development teams not to waste their time in contacting us concerning potential Poloniex listings. We will refuse to work with you.

It takes a considerable amount of time to bring a project up to the standard acceptable by top tier exchanges – this time will be completely wasted if your desire is to gain placement on

They very rarely list new projects without there being some form of relationship there between the developers and the Poloniex team.

Additionally their review process is very vague, therefore it is near impossible to tweak and twist a project to suit the operators of this exchange.

In short, as far as listing goes – it is an absolute waste of time and resources to pursue Poloniex. We do not work with them at all.

Crypto Currency Exchange Listing Service - Binance


Unlike – the Binance team are very new to this space. They are not as experienced and war tested as the Bittrex team.

Because of this, we give Bittrex the advantage – as far as experience is concerned.

However the Binance team is very serious about what they do. They are incredibly capable and this is made obvious due to speed at which they have leapt over nearly each and every alternative currency exchange, in terms of daily trading volume.

Initially, Binance had a very relaxed listing policy. During this period we were able to build a communicative relationship with them.

Just like Bittrex, we have found that Binance has a review process that is extremely streamlined and simple.

It has been simple to adhere to and tweak projects to fit the mould that is acceptable to the Binance team.

However – they are no push overs.

Simply put, if you do not know how to present yourself and your project to the Binance team – rejection is guaranteed.

Which is why many struggle to achieve listing on this platform.

They have a specific set of dos and don’ts, and failure to follow these guidelines is the reason many fail to achieve listing.

This aside, we find the Binance team to be very communicative and willing to work with brand new teams with lesser developed projects.

But, please note – if you have already been rejected by Binance do not contact us. We will be unable to help you. Binance is known to stand firmly behind their decisions.

However, provided that your project is in an acceptable state – listing is very straight forward and we are better able to tweak your project in ways that will make it acceptable to the team at Binance.

Follow the instructions on our homepage and send us a message to make enquiries about exchange placement

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